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The Tele-seminar networking with TELESIA


Since 1992, the TÉLÉSIA project takes the challenge to broadcast the bimonthly seminar organized by the Aristote association. This broadcasting is realized through the French high perform ance National Network for Technology, Education and Research: RENATER. TÉLÉSIA project is focused on distributed multimedia applications, designed and experimented for collaborative work. Tele-seminar is a pilot activity involving several sites and their users. The number of experiments on high speed networks increase started to a few months ago. A lot of them remain in the local network area and are basic network technology oriented. TÉLÉSIA performs "in-the-field" tests as an effec tive way to evaluate some technical aspects of computerized distributed activities, such as network's architecture and performances, software functions, user interface, service specification and evalua tion.

Networks protocol type and features are chosen to cope with the Quality of service. Therefore, the multimedia streams have to be processed accordingly with the transport requirement. For exam ple, in ATM the size of the cells does not fit with the current data coding and packetization which has to be modified. Therefore, the high speed networking introduces enhancements in transit delay and response time, which modifies drastically the end user perception and allows to define new adaptable criteria for QOS negotiation between high and low level in application architecture.

TÉLÉSIA tele-seminar allowed various experiments through ATM networks: National HOST conference and Proposers day (Madrid Oct.' 1994), INRIA sites interconnection and video-confer encing experiment and use (Sept.' - Dec.' 94). This paper present the knowledge gained during these experiments, the impact on application management and also data networking (audio and video pac ketization). The benefits and drawbacks for ATM network will be explored.

The full paper is now available here in pdf.

The slide of the presentation are here.